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2022 Partnering with MAJR

Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform 

MAJR 2022 Initiatives 

Maryland ZOOM CURE Meeting Mar 5, 2022

 You don't need to be a member to attend CURE Meetings!  All are welcome!


 Thanks to all who took the time to call/email/write your representatives!  The Maryland General Assembly resumes January 12, 2022. Attend the next Maryland CURE meeting Feb 5 to learn what we can do to support changes in 2022!

                    Here’s how to Find your legislative representative.


Want to learn more about how the Maryland justice system works?

Listen to this in-depth presentation by Tom Chleboski, MD CURE Vice President. I think you will find it quite fascinating!


                Information about preparing written testimony 

 Quickly find your delegates and their contact information using this link. 

Legislative Initiatives for 2022 - Partnering with MAJR

Veto Override - Special Session beginning Dec 6, 2021

Removing the Governor from the parole process for inmates with life sentences. The Governor has vetoed this bill. There is a special session beginning Dec 6, 2021 which could vote to override his veto. See Action Alert above for what you can do.

Juvenile Justice Reform

 The Juvenile Justice Reform Council, with the assistance of the Vera Institute of Justice, has researched best practices regarding the treatment of juveniles who are subject to the criminal and juvenile justice systems and we support these recommendations.

Marijuana Legalization

Legislation for the purpose of requiring all court records and police records relating to certain charges of possession of marijuana to be automatically expunged on or before certain dates under certain circumstances and regardless of other ineligible charges. 

 Felony Murder Rule

Under the legal doctrine of felony murder, if someone dies as a result of a felony, anyone who participated in that felony is ruled as guilty as a killer—even if they themselves didn’t kill, didn’t foresee the killing, and never meant to kill anyone. In Maryland, felony murder is treated the same as a premeditated first-degree murder in sentencing.  

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 We support ending long prison terms!


 Design and send a postcard to an Incarcerated Individual! 

  Winter 2022 Maryland CURE Newsletter  

 Senate Panel Hears First Round of Policing Bills 

“Today is the day that we begin the healing process between law enforcement and the communities they serve, including communities of color,” Committee Vice Chairman Jeffrey D. Waldstreicher (D-Montgomery) said in his opening remarks. 

 How Can I Help?

                           Find out who your legislative representatives are and get involved.                                  Letters and phone calls make a difference!

 Campaign to End Long Prison Terms

  Learn more about work to eliminate excessive prison sentences and developing a public-health informed and community-driven violence prevention strategy is necessary to reduce mass incarceration.



Veteran Resources - Sex Offender Resources - MD Ex-Offender Resources - 2015 Exit Orientation Coordinator Contacts 

 Maryland CURE is a state chapter of National CURE, an organization dedicated to reducing crime through reform of the criminal justice system since 1972. We follow the constitution and direction of National CURE working to reduce crime through criminal justice reform. 

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                                               Maryland CURE

    Current News and Events 

Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform - seeking legislative changes that are evidence-based, humane and effective. 

Mass Incarceration in Maryland -  Read more about this on Facebook

Systemic Barriers to Higher Education for Applicants with Criminal Records 

Anne Arundel County Associate Circuit Court Judge Philip T. Caroom says 5,000 Maryland inmates don't belong in prison!

 Anne Arundel Interfaith Coalition Against Mass Incarceration requests Maryland delegates to form taskforce to address inequities in criminal justice system.

Interview with Lea Green - Challenges Faced by Formerly Incarcerated Parents

For Profit Prisons, a multi-million dollar business   

Michelle Alexander - The New Jim Crow

Volunteer to help Returning Citizens - Vets (document) 

Protect Youth from Dangers of Adult Jails (document) 

  Other News and Events

FACES  Imprisoned Women and their struggle with the justice system. A 'must read'!

     Archived MD CURE Minutes and Newsletters

Alternatives to Incarceration

National CURE's origin

…was in San Antonio, Texas in 1972 when a dozen citizens (families of prisoners and concerned individuals) went to the legislature in Austin to work for the abolition of the death penalty.  In 1975 Charlie and Pauline Sullivan formally established CURE as a non-profit organization.  In 1985 CURE expanded to a national organization with a headquarters office in Washington D.C.